Spot directing/placement issues...?

I am no stranger to spot directing… That’s not my issue.
EXAMPLE A – Spot directing gone wrong.

Every time I scale and position Cori (pink hair) into position she doesn’t remain in that spot lol… I really don’t know how to explain, so here is a photo.

EXAMPLE B – Spot directing gone right, when I save – It goes back to example B lol.

I even tired moving her to layer 6 ( in front of the bar) and she is still big and awkward.
I don’t understand… because in my previous episode, she is fine. Everything looks good.
Sooooo, can anybody help? Because I am on the verge of screaming :slight_smile:

You have CORI left instead of CORI faces left

Note to self: Don’t write at crack of dawn LOL
It would be nice if episode, would tell you if you have an error :roll_eyes:

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@Sydney_H or @Jeremy
can either of you close this? :smirk:

Marked as solved and closed. Thanks @Atreus!