Spot directing! please explain!

Hello Guys! One question. When I make character smaller, for example: @character spot 0.454 150 365 in zone 2 etc, etc… and when they exit they become bigger, why is this happening?

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You need to place them off screen and code that spot into your script.
Here’s an example of what it should look like:
@CHARACTER walks to spot xyz in zone #
Also make sure that you’ve scaled them the same size as their on screen sizes so it works properly.

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Using “exits” or “stands” or “enters from” commands use the default size of 1.28. So if you want a character to exit or enter the scene at a specific size, you have to spot direct them offscreen then make them walk to a spot onscreen to enter, or make them walk to a spot offscreen to exit

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but what means offscreen? and it should be less then 0?

It’s like “@CHARACTER edits left/right”, the character will walk off screen meaning they won’t be in sight anymore.

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Off screen which means a spot that isn’t visible in the scene

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When you’re having the character walk off the screen (so they aren’t visible to readers anymore), Make sure that the scale (.458 in your case) is the same and they’ll stay the same size.

So for example:
@character spot .458 150 365 in zone 2

Then when you want them to exit you could write something like

@character walks to spot .458 50 365 in zone 3

I hope that made sense :joy:

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Sorry guys, didn’t get it but…well…Now my character, in script,spot 0.527 230 279 in zone 2, so now i want her to move left, when she does it, she becomes bigger :joy: so i want her to get out of that room in that scale as she is standing in center of that room! I am writing @CHERRY spot 0.527 230 279 in zone 2,
@CHERRY exits left

So what i am not doing right?

As I said in my post above, the “exits” command uses the default size of 1.280 for characters so that is why your character gets bigger because they are exiting with the size of 1.280.

You have to make your character walk to a spot that is not onscreen. So when you are previewing your story, move your character to the left until she is not in the scene anymore. Now copy those spot numbers down and make your character walk to that spot.

Or just make your character walk to zone 1 since she’s in zone 2.

So if your character is at this spot:

@CHERRY spot 0.527 230 279 in zone 2

Just make her walk to zone 1

@CHERRY walks to spot 0.527 230 279 in in zone 1

Make sure to take a look at the guide I linked above. It explains and shows examples of how to walk with spot direction and keep the same size of the character

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Take a screenshot of your script and post it so I can see where you’re going wrong :blob_hearts:

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Oh, I get it now, ok, thanks, I will do it!

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