Spot Directing Problem

I’ve learned how to use the spot directing, but every time I preview the scene (on my computer AND my phone), the characters appear one by one instead of the scene fading into all the characters in their rightful spots, if that makes sense.

Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated!!

The characters should be placed at the beginning of the scene before the transition command, and you should be using the & sign for the character placements

&CHAR1 spot _________
&CHAR2 spot __________
&CHAR3 spot __________
@transition fade in

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Crud, after doing that all my characters disappeared.
The script is as follows:


&LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR spot 0.380 43 397 AND LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR is cry_sob_sad_loop

&LUCAS spot 0.583 152 310 AND LUCAS is idle_sit_sad_loop

&LIGHTMALEAVATAR stands screen left

@cut to zone 2

@transition fade in

what am i doing wrong?

You need to add the zone number to their spots

CHARACTER spot scale x y in zone #

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you’re awesome. thank you so much :metal:t4::purple_heart:

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Solved and closed. :smiley: