Spot Directing Problem?

All right, so I’m spot directing this scene. Has some handholding, and lift chin animations as well as a kiss. The problem is after I direct and paste the code into the portal, when I preview, the scale and spot are NOT what I coded for.
What I coded for, and how it looks in the preview BEFORE I save, and preview:

How it looks when I preview. (NOT THE SAME)

Change the @CHAR spots to &CHAR spots and see if that helps.

didn’t change :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s showing two different sizes in the previews. I’d say you need to mess around with your spots more and make sure you’re previewing in the right spots because right now you’ve got 3 completely different sizes for one character.

ya abt that… I used the “holdwaist” animation, had to code for a different spot. When the the lift chin animation wasn’t right I pasted the code literally every other line trying to fix it.

I don’t think I mentioned it. I have the kiss animation as well, but when it loads in the preview the animation spotting isn’t right either, and he ends up kissing her forehead instead of her lips.

I’m honestly tired right now and can’t specifically help you but I’d say mess around with &/@ and see if that helps. Maybe someone else can spot the overall issue and help you but right now I can’t.

ohh I’m sorry about disturbing you! thank’s for helping me, make sure you get some rest!

Oh no you didn’t bother me! I just didn’t want you to think I left and didn’t want to help! :two_hearts:

Lol np ty sooo much!!!

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BTW updatee. I was changing the guy’s spotting all this time… I changed the girls a bit, and the preview was right.

soooo, I fixed it. Ty so much, u were right I had to play around w & and @

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I’m glad you got it fixed! :two_hearts:

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