Spot Directing Problems with one of my characters

So I have this character walking in to a scene with spot direction but the thing is that when I load it on my phone to see how it looks she doesn’t appear in the zone that she has to be in instead she is in the last zone when in the writing i put her in the zone where the scene is, i have another character in the scene but he is in the spot I added him to be but with my other character but she isn’t where i put in the writing, I need help i don’t know what has her out of that scene

maybe screenshot the script?

Wait let me see, I think I had this problem before.

These are both where i had put her and where she appears when i load it on my phone

is the -7 y even possible?

You have her in zone 1

she walks to zone 2 tho


Which character are u having trouble with?

yea, but i don’t know why she shows up in a different spot than the one i had put her in in the script

the girl, that’s bearly showing up in the screen

put the time in the script. how long the girl should be walking to zone 2

how would you do that ?

Ok ok

@MC walks to spot x y z in 2 (that means in 2 seconds)

also I recommend you that you have specific sizes for each one of your characters. for example, the girl is always 1.000 and the guy is always 1.100 (on a normal close up)
also this is my first time seeing the Y to be negative? try putting like 70 instead of -7

You can also try moves to instead of walks to

oh okay but i tried the timing but she still in the same spot as she was before

isn’t Moves to, only for overlays?