Spot directing: sizing is gone wrong *newbie needs help*

I tried to make my characters all the same size but once I go to save my script one character goes back to being really huge! even though I sized her to where I want her to be and saved it, I have no clue what I did wrong. Help please…


@LOULOU enters from left to screen left

@CARLY enters from right to screen right

   @LOULOU spot 1.154 63 97
   @CARLY spot 1.145 220 94
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If you need help we would be more then happy to help;)

this might help you!

did it help?

No I’m confused…

please send the script copy and paste maybe i can help you

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I made one of my characters smaller and when I save my script the character goes back to being huge and I don’t know how to fix this problem. Here is my script… I have an error appearing also that says

"ERROR: choices must follow dialog immeditatly not a branch.


Episode 1 - Gossip Girls


@LOULOU enters from left to screen left

@CARLY enters from right to screen right

   @LOULOU spot 1.154 63 97
   @CARLY spot 1.136 235 104
    LOULOU (talk_greet)
Hey Carly

    CARLY (talk_excited)
Hey Lou

LOULOU (talk_excited)    
I missed you so much!

    CARLY (talk_happy_smile)
Aww! Well I'm here now so let's catch up

    LOULOU (talk_excited)
How have you been girl?

    CARLY (talk_gossip)
I've been good.. I have so much gossip for you!!

    LOULOU (listen_gossip)
What kind of gossip are we talking here..

    CARLY (talk_sheepish)
Jenna, is over there

    LOULOU (talk_confused_mind_blown)
Should we go over and talk to her?


@JENNA is idle_phone_hold_sad

@JENNA spot 0.632 158 377 and JENNA faces right


“We should go over and talk to Jenna” {

LOULOU (talk_awkward)
We should go over and talk to Jenna.

    CARLY (talk_awkward)
Let's go Jenna needs a friend right now.

“Stay where you are”{

LOULOU (talk_neutral_deny)
Maybe we shouldn’t Jenna looks busy.

    CARLY (talk_happy_agree)
Yeah you're right.

    LOULOU (talk_happy_smile)
Let's go somewhere else and have that gossip..


@LOULOU exits left

@CARLY exits left

@CARLY spot 0.713 254 335

@LOULOU spot 0.722 69 325

CARLY (talk_awkward)
Uh.. hey Jenna.. 

LOULOU (talk_afraid)
How come you're all alone?

JENNA (talk_afraid)
Why are you guys talking to me.. we've never talked before.

LOULOU (talk_awkward)
Well we saw you standing here alone so we thought we'd give you some company..

JENNA (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
Look we're not friends so just back off and leave me alone!
The last thing I want right now is your sympathy.

CARLY (talk_angry)
FINE! Come on Loulou let's go. 

LOULOU (talk_sad)
If you ever want to talk about what happened.. 
I'm here for you Jenna

@CARLY exits left

@LOULOU exits left 

@JENNA is cry_weep_loop

What's wrong with me?

ALSO confused by how the choices work and act out scenes for both of these events. My character moves but is facing the wrong way and I don’t know how to fix that problem either…

Being new isn’t fun haha.

ok i will look what the problem is

@Doksanwrites @julie726

me too

In which line the character is huge again? You need a dialogue before the choice. PM me so we can sort this out :wink:

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