Spot directing won't take effect

For some reason the spot directing isn’t applying to the character after I saved it. I’ve used spot directing before and never had a problem with it and I’m really confused as to why it isn’t applying when I view my story
I know I’m doing it correctly as it’s the same as the code i’ve used for another scene where is actually applied
I’ve looked on the viewer on my laptop AND my phone
Is it just mine?
This is what I put:
@LILY spot 1.280 73 -167 in zone 3

Hi. I just copied and pasted that in my story and it worked just fine. So there is either really a problem with your portal or it could have to do with some coding about that line.

Can you share more of your code? I believe you cut to zone 3 and you have some zooming too? Because if you put your character to spot -167, normally she wouldn’t appear on screen, unless you zoom in

Probably, there is a typo somewhere, but not in this line.