Spot direction help with multiple characters

Hey so I was wondering if I can have help with this spot placement. This is the day before a big game, so I’m having all the cheerleaders and football players on the field at once. It looks kinda bad and was wondering if i can have help with it.

If someone can help me come up with a better template that would be awesome
this is the code i have


@zoom on 380 123 to 102% in 0

@cut to zone 4

@FEMALE1 spot 0.316 104 444 in zone 4 AND FEMALE1 moves to layer 1 AND FEMALE1 is rear AND FEMALE2 spot 0.425 74 393 in zone 4 AND FEMALE2 moves to layer 0 AND FEMALE2 faces left AND FEMALE3 spot 0.959 168 229 in zone 4 AND FEMALE3 moves to layer 2 AND FEMALE3 faces left AND FEMALE4 spot 0.574 221 344 in zone 4 AND FEMALE4 moves to layer -2 AND FEMALE4 faces right AND FEMALE5 spot 0.480 273 365 in zone 4 AND FEMALE5 moves to layer -3 AND FEMALE5 faces left AND FEMALE6 spot 0.606 245 307 in zone 4 AND FEMALE6 moves to layer 3 AND FEMALE6 is rear AND FEMALE7 spot 0.418 127 395 in zone 4 AND FEMALE7 moves to layer -4 AND FEMALE7 faces right AND FEMALE8 spot 0.449 163 388 in zone 4 AND FEMALE8 moves to layer -4 AND FEMALE8 faces left AND MALE1 spot 0.606 86 297 in zone 4 AND MALE1 moves to layer 2 AND MALE1 faces right AND MALE2 spot 0.598 144 298 in zone 4 AND MALE2 moves to layer 0 AND MALE2 faces left AND MALE3 spot 0.661 115 258 in zone 4 AND MALE3 moves to layer 2 AND MALE3 is rear AND FEMALE9 spot 0.802 12 173 in zone 4 AND FEMALE9 moves to layer 3 AND FEMALE9 faces right AND MALE4 spot 0.802 70 182 in zone 4 AND MALE4 moves to layer 3 AND MALE4 faces right AND MALE5 spot 0.896 43 125 in zone 4 AND MALE5 moves to layer 5 AND MALE5 faces left AND MALE5 is rear

you want someone to make a template for you?

if you can yes please

sorry i don’t really have time to create an entire template i was just asking if that’s what you needed help with because i was confused by the way you worded it.

i’m sure someone will be able to help you though!

If you don’t have time that’s fine.

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Joseph Evens Placing Multiple Characters

Episode Limelight Tutorial 5 - PLACING CHARACTERS - YouTube

Joseph Evens Spot Directing

Episode Tutorial 7 - SPOT DIRECTING - YouTube

Dara Amarie Spot Direction + more website

Hope this helped a little!

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thanks. I actually ended up watching one of his and figured it out.

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