Spot doesn't work for me :(

I write story in limelight, when i want to make character higher or shorter spot doesn’t work

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Spotting is the only way to change a character’s size Why doesn’t it work?

Sorry to hear this. Can you supply us with any code or details about what you are clicking on that might give more insight on why this might be happening?

Check out this:

According to this:

@YOU spot S X Y
@YOU spot 1.280 160 0

1.280 is the size of YOU (the height, how tall she is, you can adjust this by clicking on Directing Help, then spot helper, and you will be on the tool: scale) You can change this 1.280 value to whatever you wish (a different number) by scaling. Then you can click on Switch tool: move which allows you to change the X and Y values. So basically, if you click on switch tool: move it will allow you to move around the character and if you click on switch tool: scale, it will allow you to change the height of the character.

(X is 160 and Y is 0 in the example above, while S is 1.280)
Y is basically what position she’s standing in vertically (if the value is less than 0, she will appear lower on the screen, however, if the value is higher than 0, she will appear higher on the screen)

P.S Am so sorry if I made this more confusing, I was just trying to help : )

So after all that, then how is it saved into the story? I don’t understand and I’m looking for answers and finding none. Help!
I made my characters heights how I wanted, but when I pressed save and then preview, they went back to their original heights.
Help Please!

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I don’t know if you have missed this part, but you have to actually add the spots into your script. For the web previewer it’s quite easy, when you have places your characters on the right spot there will be a box down below with the code - you can just copy that and add it into your script. An example of what it would look like: @CHAR spot 12 34 567 (random example, you of course have to replace CHAR with the name of your character and the number with the actual spot, but if you just copy and paste it the could would already be done for you) Good luck, feel free to ask me if you have any more questions! :blush:

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Yeah @ puma is right, you’d need to copy whatever the code shows into your script, save, and then test it out :wink: :snowman: