Spot Help Pretty Please!

I’m trying to code a scene of two characters in a car(one male, one female) and no matter how much I move the male character around he wont spot in the car, his head always pokes out.

Can someone please help me with this? I’ve tried reloading it and refreshing it just to see and nothing works.

This is the script:

Character 1: Female
Character 2: Male

@overlay CAR ANGLE BROWN shifts to -204 -95 in zone 1
@overlay CAR ANGLE BROWN scales to 1.086 1.086
@overlay CAR ANGLE BROWN moves to layer 20
@CHARACTER 1 spot 1.280 69 -174 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER 1 moves to layer 3 AND CHARACTER 1 faces right
@CHARACTER 2 spot 1.688 183 -350 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER 2 moves to layer 2 AND CHARACTER 2 faces right
@pan to zone 2

The Male character is supposed to be driving.

I’d really appreciate help with this!

I tried the code in my portal and it works just right, the only thing I’d change is these numbers

with maybe 1.433 184 -227

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