Spot Locations For A Bed

Hi guys, I need help with the spot location for: INT. OFFICE BEDROOM - NIGHT

I went to a website that @JosephEvans mentioned on youtube but when I went to the site, the bed didn’t show. And all the other ones that weren’t mentioned on the site actually showed the bed in the preview.

Please help this terrible story writer!! :persevere::persevere::tired_face::tired_face:


Is is this website?

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are you looking for someone to help code INT. OFFICE BEDROOM - NIGHT and character with background

No, it was a different one

Yes please it would be so helpful

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How much character you wanted for INT. OFFICE BEDROOM - NIGHT in background and do want character to lay down but what action should character do

I wanted one please. Can the MC be laying faceup please. Tysm :heart_eyes:

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i send script now since i code it in


@cut to zone 2

@CHARACTER spot 0.641 85 385 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER is idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop AND CHARACTER faces left

@pause for a beat

this is code and it’s working in script

but change character and put character name

TYSM!!! You guys are soo helpful

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you’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Happy to help :revolving_hearts:

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