Spot moving (making characters move/DRAG around the screen, not walking!)

I hope the title makes sense…

This is gonna be the scenario I give.

I’m trying to make a character rise their head above a desk (basically like eavesdropping/spying on a character in the same scene).

Or just move WITHOUT the walking animation. Instead of walking, I’d like to replace it with a different one like a character peeping and looking terrified…

Does this make any sense lol


Yea, so just spot the character behind the desk (point A) and the figure out the the spot where you want the have the haracter end up once it’s risen (point B)

Then do the following

(point A)
@CHAR spot S X Y

(point B)
@CHAR walks to S X Y in T AND CHAR does it while animation

If you do a walking command while also doing an animation, the character will drag


For point A, do we have to spot it at the start of the scene as typical or do we have to place the spot again in the script? How would you sequence it?

I’m trying to basically just dragging them out slowly while in their static animation, not walking. I used to make this blunder ALL THE TIME when I was initially starting out in spot directing. And the one time I need it, it’s screwy lol.

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Wait, what does the T variable stand for?

EDIT: OH I GOT IT! I was missing the T/second count. Thanks so much!

For point A, you should add it whenever you want the character there. No need to add again afterwards

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I also didn’t know the “does while” was a command too separately.

I thought it was the same as CHARACTER is BEHAVIOR

Yea, there’s a couple of animatio related commands

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