Spot placements for boutique

i need to be able to put my character into the changing room doorway on the INT. MALL.BOUTIQUE.DAY scene but ive tried many spots and even adjusting them but i cant get the right one. any help

this one is obviously wrong but i want her in that boutique doorway

i dont know how to do that, im very noobish and new to this

Here’s a guide on spot directing:


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This doesn’t help me, I’m using computer coding instead of using the app to create but thank you anyway

No you use your mobile app to get the numbers needed to out your character in the correct spot. You could also use the web previewer on the Chrome browser. You need to use something like this:

@CHAR walks to spot 1.280 60 0 in 3 AND CHAR does it while walk_rear

However you need to get the correct “spot” (aka numbers) to make sure you’re character is the correct size and such.

@Kyralynn is right
The app is just an easy and accurate previewer. I would have said use the web previewer, but that tends to be glitchy at times.
Either way, the code should end up on your script.

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go on the app or previewer. click the directing help. click spot directing. then, scale to make her smaller an move to move her

i tried doing that on app but as soon as i put the numbers in on comp it wouldn’t work

Can you post your script?

@AURELIA enters from left to screen left
@AURELIA walks to spot 0.50 167 364 in zone 3 in 3.0 THEN AURELIA faces right AND AURELIA starts idle

I tested it this way and it works

thank you. ill save this.

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Did you get a solve for your problem? :slight_smile:

yes thank you

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