Spot Walking Issue


So you see the guy in the back who is walking. He is supposed to
A: Walk in front of the desk
B: Stop in front of the desk

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Have you tried layering your overlay?

@The_Saminator My main problem isn’t honestly really layering. I just don’t understand why my character is moving to far from the spot designated.

In the first section. You have him spot in one spot and walking to the same spot that he was at originally.

I understand, so how do you propose i fix it? Another episode forum told me that if i am having a character walk from spot to spot in differing zones it doesn’t matter that the spots are the same because it is in different zones.

Thay is not all true.
So let’s say he is spot in zone 1 and your scene is in zone 2 where he needs to walk. It would be like this

&CHARACTER spot 12 345 678 in zone 1
@CHARACTER walks to spot 22 345 678 in zone 2 in 3

i will try that thank you for the help

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Hey i need help