Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)



Hey hope you can help. when i preview my script i can’t fully see my CHAR. It only shows them one by one and just half of the body not the full body. Can’t see them walk either on screen either.


Maybe it’s because in a previous scene, you did a zoom and that’s why it’s like this.
If that’s the case, insert &zoom reset in your script before your walking action


I have @zoom reset after every new backgrounds


@transition fade in black
@zoom reset
@pan to zone 2


You didn’t make enter any characters? or make them stand already?


Like :slight_smile:
@transition fade in black
@zoom reset
@CHARACTER stands … in zone ?
&pan to zone 2
@transition fade in black
@zoom reset
@pan to zone 2
@CHARACTER enters from … to …


Sorry, I’m kind of late. How do you do it so the character moves from the “front” to the “back”? Like, the character’s kind of shrinking as she/he walks back.


You’ll find that answering on number 2B


Oh I see it now… Okay, thanks so much for that!


Soo i’m trying to make my guy character taller using spot directing, i’m losing my mind on this one :(, soo what i’m trying to do is making my guy character to enter from screen right and to face left right?. But unfortunately my character decided to enter from screen left and monwalk backwards to screen right, but he did faces left…, this is pissing me off tbh. I know a lot of people have complained about this and you seem to know what’s going on. It would be amazing if you decided to help me out here =s. i’ve been trying to make my own story since 2015, my guy character height was always an issue, i am trying to give it a try but i ended up being frustrated like i was before in 2015. i would appreciate it if u replied <3


Sorry you’re having such a hard time!
To have a hatchet enter the screen at a spotted height you have to place them offscreen at that height.
Now since you want him to enter from the right, here’s what’s you do:

@CHAR spot _____ 500 0 in zone ___
(add the size and zone)

With this command you have the character offscreen on the right side.
Then you just walk him onscreen:

@CHAR walks to spot _____ 220 0 in zone ___
(add the size and zone)

By hanging the X axis again, we push him into the screen but at the customized size.


YOU ARE AMAZING<3 Thank you soo much for the tip!


Hi, i’m fairly new, and i’m having trouble changing the size of a character. I’m trying to make her child sized, but every time I use the commands above, she walks in to the scene normal sized. What could I be doing wrong?


You have use the the method I set out on guide above, in section #1


Anyone help me out I keep getting this warning and Chloe wont come on screen when I want her to.


it’s supposed to be
@/CHLOE walks to spot xyz in T in zone #


Actually the first have to be zone then time

@/CHLOE walks to spot xyz in zone # in T


I’ll try both ways thanks Guys.


glad to help
~brvnda :orange_heart:


Your one worked thanks