Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

It doesn’t have to be 0.1 right?

No, it doesn’t.

I am still having a little trouble understanding. I keep getting error and I need to keep them all the same size walking in the same part of thw screen. Could someone please help me with walking?
Thanks! -Episode Fan

Let’s see your code

Nevermind. Thanks for the help. I just made them stand and added an extra code that wasn’t nessasary.
I lookd it up on YouTUBE, but thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! :grin:

Is it possible to have some people in the background using spot directing? I wrote:

@EXTRAM1 spot 0.470 109 327 at layer 0 AND EXTRAM1 faces right

And it keeps giving me a warning. The warning only goes away when I remove “at layer 0”

You can definitely do that. The issue is that you have to add the zone also:

@EXTRAM1 spot 0.470 109 327 in zone # at layer 0 AND EXTRAM1 faces right

I thought I tried that already but I guess not! Thank you so much for the super quick reply.

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For where it says The general command is:
@CHAR walks to S X Y in zone # in T, instead, shouldn’t it be:
@CHAR walks to spot S X Y in zone # in T


Definitely is, never noticed that :joy:




Any chance you can help me work out how to make it get smaller but with a car overlay rather then a person?

Sure! Pm me

I still don’t get how to do it… Is there anyway you could brake it down a bit more?

Well what are you trying to do exactly?

I’m trying to get my characters to walk into my scene while they are a certain size.

@CHAR spot S X Y

S = size of the CHAR (default size is 1.280)
X = X axis (left to right)
Y = Y axis (up and down)

@CHAR spot 0.900 50 90

So if you have this, and you want their size to remain the same, you would NOT change 0.900 since that is their height.

If you want them to walk across in a straight line, you would NOT change 90 which is the “floor level” they are on. For example, if you wanted a character to walk from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen, then this number would be changed.

For making them walk in a straight line at the same height, only the number 50 in this example (the X- axis, left to right, which way they are walking) would be changed. You can see what number you should put for the middle digit by testing out your spots on the web previewer or mobile.

Thank you so much!!:heart: