Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)



What do you mean by “two points” for time?? I read what it said above and it said something about 0.1-infinite, what does that mean??


I mean point A and B.
Where the character is (point A) to where the character ends up after walking (point B).


It doesn’t have to be 0.1 right?


No, it doesn’t.


I am still having a little trouble understanding. I keep getting error and I need to keep them all the same size walking in the same part of thw screen. Could someone please help me with walking?
Thanks! -Episode Fan


Let’s see your code


Nevermind. Thanks for the help. I just made them stand and added an extra code that wasn’t nessasary.
I lookd it up on YouTUBE, but thank you. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! :grin:


Is it possible to have some people in the background using spot directing? I wrote:

@EXTRAM1 spot 0.470 109 327 at layer 0 AND EXTRAM1 faces right

And it keeps giving me a warning. The warning only goes away when I remove “at layer 0”


You can definitely do that. The issue is that you have to add the zone also:

@EXTRAM1 spot 0.470 109 327 in zone # at layer 0 AND EXTRAM1 faces right


I thought I tried that already but I guess not! Thank you so much for the super quick reply.


Bump :laughing:


For where it says The general command is:
@CHAR walks to S X Y in zone # in T, instead, shouldn’t it be:
@CHAR walks to spot S X Y in zone # in T


Definitely is, never noticed that :joy:




Any chance you can help me work out how to make it get smaller but with a car overlay rather then a person?


Sure! Pm me


I still don’t get how to do it… Is there anyway you could brake it down a bit more?


Well what are you trying to do exactly?


I’m trying to get my characters to walk into my scene while they are a certain size.