Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

I figure it out

sorry lol.

Im having the same trouble but not understand this
heres a picture of my script
MARTI (think_rubchin)
(I should really be getting new clothes tho)
@ADAM walks spot 0.900 50 90 in zone 1

    ADAM (talk_whisper_unsure)
You should just go and do what you want to do

@MARTI is react_shocked_gasp_pose
@MARTI is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop

(What do he want)

@MARTI faces left

Now did you place ADAM offscreen?

im unsure how to do that

So what you want to do is place the character offscreen by using a negative integer:

Using your coordinates, it would look something like this:

@ADAM spot 0.900 -100 90 in zone 1

Then right after that command you can go ahead and walk him on screen using the code you already have up:

@ADAM walks to spot 0.900 50 90 in zone 1

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I think I get it now, lol
Thank you alot


How do you enter with the character walking that height cause it just pops up out of no where

you need to keep the first numbers (size) the same.

0.900 is the size of your character

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I’m having a really hard time trying to get my character to not have my character walking on the screen, I’m trying to get it to walk onto the screen without it still walking

@MIA spot 1.242 270 0 in zone 1
@MIA walks to spot 1.242 270 0 in zone 1 in 1 AND MIA stands screen right AND MIA faces left

Well really all you’ve done with this code is have MIA walking twice. If you also want her to enter from the left, you’ll have to do the same as you did for ADAM.
I would also remove the AND MIA stands… command

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It would be
@MIA walks to spot (code) in (time) AND MIA faces (direction) AND MIA does it while idle
If you’re wanting her to do an animation instead of walking

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Thank you

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Thank you thank you. Huge help

Did you ever figure out how to do this. I need help I’m trying to achieve this aswell. I don’t have extra overlays tho.

bump :smiley:

what would i do if i wanted my character to run to a specific spot whilst keeping the size the same but instead of walking i want them to run there? and i also want them to do it in a specific amount of time

just use run animation and time the action


@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 123 456 in 1.5 AND CHARACTER is run_athlectic