Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

@LILIANA spot 1.246 154 48
@HANNAH spot 1.246 154 48
LILIANA (talk_call_out)

I think that’s right. That’s what it showed on the tutorial when I watched it.

It is right but they’re in the same place they are not like cover each other? :joy: is their size not changing at all?

Oh oops, but no their size isn’t changing.

There’s not a big difference but they should be smaller. Make sure you save your script and play your scene from the background not from the middle of the scene. Are you using Web Preview or an App?

How much smaller should they be? I’m using both because some small things glitch and stuff on the Web Previewer.

It’s totally up to you :slight_smile: I just mentioned this because you might not see the difference because the default size is 1.280
You don’t have them changing positions after the dialogue?

Oh okay. I’m sorry I’m very new to this, and it can be very confusing. Other than exiting at the end of the scene no, they don’t change positions. They are talking and stuff of course though.

When you click on the spot directing tool on the app/preview and you highlight Hannah or Liliana … what is their spot? Because the numbers you put aren’t going to be significantly smaller than the default. You won’t see the difference unless you’re using LL - females are actually slightly bigger/taller than the males in limelight

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And don’t be sorry! We all been there :grin:

1.246 female and 1.280 Male will make the female the same size as a Male in limelight I believe

I’m using ink, and is the spot the third number?

So the size is not changing on both web preview and phone?

Nope. If I change the size on my phone, and copy the numbers in the coding it’s not working either. When I changed the size on my phone by editing it to make Liliana shorter it worked, but once I entered it into the script it’s not working.

Try this I made them a bit smaller

@LILIANA spot 1.214 277 45 AND HANNAH spot 1.214 85 44

That definitely made them smaller. Thank you. Now they are on top of each other though, and which number is the height and which number is the spot?

Use my script :slight_smile: I put them in different spots.

1.241 277 45

1.241 is the size
277 is the X axis (left / right)
45 is the Y axis (up / down)

Check this thread about basic spot directing as this one is for walking :grin:

Ohh, I understand now. Thank you so much, I’d still be stuck if it weren’t for you.

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I’ve tried every way possible to make my character walk into the screen and for some reason it just won’t work. I’m so frustrated :sleepy:. Please help me :sob:

I realize in this picture I didn’t put “in” before zone, but even when I add it in I still get the same warning on the side. Someone please help me.

Natalia needs to be all capital.