Spotlight Customization

Does anyone know how to let readers customize “spotlight” characters in their script?

I’m trying to write an episode and I’m trying to allow readers to have an opportunity to customize themselves, but I realized it’s very hard to.

(I’m using the style limelight / spotlight btw)

I tried following youtube tutorials by going to script template / avatar_female | but I can’t find that when I go there.
I also tried copy/paste templates on my script but it’s not that great.
When I preview it , it allows the reader to customize their character, but the avatar doesn’t show. or sometimes when the avatar does show, it’s only for a brief second before it disappears.

Someone please help me! I know there is not that much stories written in spotlight/limelight but I’ll be greatful if someone helped me out
Thanks! :smile:

Add ((character stays)) next to all the Narrator dialogue in the template.

NARRATOR ((character stays))
What do you look like?

NARRATOR ((character stays))
Choose your skin color.


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I’ve done that but I got an error saying :
Expected CHARACTER or SCENE change. Found “NARRATOR ((character stays))” instead. Did you forget to CAPITALIZE the name or close the ( ) around the animation?

I made sure I’ve closed all ( ) and I even previewed It to see what it would look like

p.s. i’m using your customize template

You might need t9 replace “character” with the name of your character first try that and then see if it’ll work for you.

I tried that but it still comes out as the same error

Instead of NARRATOR, just use your character’s name. So replace all the NARRATOR with CHARACTER NAME

So is it supposed to be CHARACTER NAME ((character stays))
@CHARACTERNAME ((character stays))?

No, just your character’s name for all the dialogue. No ((character stays))

So here is what I tried


but I got this error


When you have a character talking, you do not need to put the @ sign. So remove the @ in front of your character’s name. Also, since you’re using spotlight, you can get rid of the whole line that has “@ELISSA spot 2.4 ———-“

So I think this was what you meant?

But I got this error


You’re gonna have to start over because when you removed the @ sign, it looks like you removed all the @ signs from the template.

So delete the template completely from your script, then recopy and paste the template back. Then just change all the NARRATOR to ELISSA


ok just to be sure on the part where is has “ELISSA changes ________” there’s supposed to be an @ right?


Thank you so much! It works perfectly well now. I’m also sorry because I feel like I have inconvenienced you.

Again I really appreciate it, bless you :slight_smile:

Hi Dara,
This post will be about choices and the actions after that choice has been made because I am relatively new to episodes I am unsure how to personal message people . In my script I am having trouble with the choices giving the readers options to choice first before actions happen after . Instead , it is only allowing one choice for the readers to choose before the dressing scene . I want the readers to choose between the line not really I thought maybe we can stay in and yes she would like to go out . Here is my script outline . Can you help me ?

CHAPTER 3 - The start of something new
@transition fade in black

@LAYLA changes into LAYLA_smart_pj
@cut to zone 1
@LAYLA spot 0.833 414 377 in zone 1 AND LAYLA faces right AND LAYLA starts idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop
@pause for 5
@speechbubble is 172 221 to 100%
Banging on the door…
@LAYLA is idle_lay_awake_rubeyes_loop
HELLO!!! I know your in there Layla open up the door.
Continuous banging on the door…
@LAYLA is eyeroll_subtle
@LAYLA starts talk_lay_awake_neutral_loop
(Oh my God!!! all i wanna do is get some sleep around here)
@LAYLA stands screen center AND LAYLA faces left
@LAYLA is yawn_bored
LAYLA (callout_neutral)
I’m coming damn!!!
@LAYLA walks to upscreen left
@pause for a beat
@LAYLA faces right
@LAYLA walks to screen center in 2
@LAYLA faces left
@LISA enters from left to screen left
LISA (talk_exhausted)
Why do you always have to sleep like a grandma?
@LAYLA is eyeroll_subtle
LAYLA (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
If you are gonna insult me theres the door behind you, I can always kick you out.
LISA (talk_pointup_pretentious)
I hope you know I am not going anywhere
LISA (talk_excited_happy)
Anyway I came to visit because I miss you. I haven’t seen you in a while.
@LAYLA is flirt_shy
LAYLA (talk_excited_happy)
Awww you doo? in that case I’m sorry about that kicking you out comment.
@LAYLA is laugh_giggle
@LISA is laugh_giggle
@LAYLA walks to spot 1.280 155 -14
@LISA walks to spot 1.244 173 -9
@LAYLA starts hug_neutral_pose_rear
@LISA starts hug_neutral_pose
LISA is my sister, well not by blood but we have known each other since kindergarten and we have become extremely close. she is honestly one of my good friends.
@LISA faces left
@LISA walks to spot 1.280 61 -2
@LISA faces right
@LAYLA faces left
@LAYLA is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
LISA (talk_agree_happy)
Did you want to go out somewhere?

“Yes, we should catch up since its been a while”{
LISA (talk_agree_happy)
"Let’s go to the coffee shop, even though i don’t like coffee… but i know you do so ill just get a danish.
LAYLA (talk_agree_happy)
“Alright let me change into something else”
@LAYLA is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop

“Not really I thought may be we can stay in for a little”{
LAYLA (think_rubchin)
Not really I thought may be we can stay in for a little
LISA (talk_agree_happy)
“Only if I can get chinese food!”

Avatar - Female {
So… what outfit would you like to wear today?
@LAYLA starts think_rubchin
@speechbubble reset


@LAYLA changes into LAYLA_smart_purple_dress
@LAYLA starts idle_happy_loop
@LAYLA changes into LAYLA_yellow_mellow
@LAYLA starts idle_happy_loop