Spotlight Help for a New Author

I have used episode to watch stories for years now, and I just now decided to attempt to create one. Well, I chose Limelight, because they are newer and look more advanced, but, I took Episode’s suggestion and used Spotlight, to help focus on the story and everything more instead of their actions and everything, until I get used to it. But, after I created it, I looked at the preview on my laptop, and the character spotlight’s, are off the screen. I checked on my phone and it’s the same way, how do I fix it?

Perhaps they’re in the wrong zone. I’m not too sure as I have never used Spotlight, but I think it may have something to do with the zones

On the Preview tab, there is a little box that says Directing Helper. After clicking that, there are boxes that appear on the bottom right of the screen. Click on Spot Helper after that. Then use your mouse and drag one of the spotlights over to where you’d like. Then on the bottom of the Preview tab, there should be a box that says where the spot is on the screen. If you hit Copy, and the paste it to your script, it should put the spotlight there.

Step by step overview
  1. Open Preview tab.
  2. Click on Directing Helper
  3. Click on Spot Helper.
  4. Use mouse to drag character spotlight to where you want.
  5. Copy and paste the spot into script.
  6. Save.
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Go Misty!!!

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what do you mean by character spotlight? where are we supposed to drag the white line that shows up after clicking spot helper?