Spotlight, Limelight, Ink or Classic


My favourite is Limelight, but i also love Ink. What’s your favourite?

  • Spotlight
  • Limelight
  • Ink
  • Classic

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Limelight or ink

I love all episode styles, but tbh i like INK a li’l bit more, BUT i love the limelight clothing, i would wear them in real life :joy:


I agree with you on that, though i think that the Limelight characters look a bit more realistic and the Ink characters more cartoonish. I do enjoy reading both. I really cant read spotlight or classic, i just really dislike those styles


SAME WITH ME, tbh i don’t really like Classic or Spotlight, it kinda copys Choices the interactive story app


I dont know that app, but if they use Spotlight and Classic then im not interested lol


yeah i stopped using it because epy is muchhhhh better ,they use spotlight


Episode fans xD


I like INK but I like Limelight better becuae it has more clothes and people are more realistic ,more animations and hot guys , and finally i can create good looking girls


Im with you on that :clap:


The clothes on limelight are super cool


i never heard of episode spotlight ? What is that tho ?


its the one that doesn’t show the whole chraracter’s body but only their waist up and they don’t walk around


There is also an old Spotlight format thatis no longer available.
Writers could have their own art in the bubbles, and it became to difficult to moniter.

The only story I know of that used that style is Black Absinthe.


it’s like stealing from choices … better they took it off tnx god


I will check that out, im curious to what that looks like :slightly_smiling_face:


I actually really, really like Spotlight. Why? It’s amazing for the sake of the learning process- my Spotlight contest story literally helped me almost entirely memorize the full Limelight animation index, and it also really helps authors focus a lot more on the story rather than the directing, which can be pretty cool for those who love to write but struggle with all the coding. When done well, it can lead to more well-developed and executed plotlines.

Also, I’d like to say that Choices came out AFTER Episode had long retired the original Spotlight, but BEFORE Episode put out the new one, and the Choices art style is COMPLETELY different from Episode’s- they look nothing alike. So no, Choices did not copy Episode and I doubt Episode copied Choices based on me having played both games and being able to compare the quality of stories and layout.


I agree with you on that, but somehow spotlight stories dont grab my attention


Looks like Ink is winning :stuck_out_tongue:


I despise classic…
In my opinion the characters just look like barbie dolls and they are freaky and weird…
I hope I’m not offending anyone


evrybody has a right to their opinion , and my opinion is I agree …