Spotlight or Cinematic in character dialogue

Hey guys so I was thinking that whether cutting and zooming to actors while they talk we should rather use spotlight style during that part, because it’ll be practically the same thing. It’ll also help us in coding and the reader can see much more instead of just their faces and blocked view. This can especially be used when we have to zoom on characters while they are sitting and talking and we want to use a standing animation so we have to zoom up to their bust. Please vote so that I can know your thoughts and it’ll help me decide whether or not to use spotlight command in character dialogue or not.

  • Use Spotlight style
  • Use Cinematic style only and use zooms

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Hello! I am a spotlight writer and I would like to ask, do people in the community prefer spotlight or cinematic? Because as a spotlight writer, I have less readers than newer people in the community who writes in cinematic style. What do you think? Kindly reply, thank you! :smiley:

I think it depends on the scene I guess. If you’re on a phone call, it would make sense but if the characters are in the same place, I don’t think it’s required…

If you have chosen the format of the story to be spotlight then nothing can be done but if you have chosen cinematic style then I would recommend to give a good blend of spotlight and cinematic format. People like cinematic style more also because we can see more characters and the scene appears more lively whereas in spotlight format we can only see one character at a time and that too only their upper half of the body. So to have more readers I would recommend to use cinematic style and use spotlight for the cases like when we need to focus on one person, for example phonecalls etc.