Spotlight Question

Hey, everyone! SO I’m a writer on episode and I’ve always written in Limelight regular mode. Now I’m trying out Spotlight and it takes a LOT of dialogue to get it to 400 lines in order to publish. You know, cause you don’t have to place characters and stuff. So I was wondering if the rule is different for Spotlight?? Yeah, I dunno. :hugs:

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Nope, same rule applies for Spotlight as with all other stories for Episode= you need three episodes finished, each of them 400 lines long to publish your story.

Remember to test your story out to make sure the length is perfect-not too short, but not too long.

Good luck!

And oh remember, when you write a story in Spotlight, you can’t switch to cinematic (full body display with advanced directing) but in a full body display style, you can switch between spotlight and cinematic.

Hope this helps! :icecream::icecream::icecream:

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Thanks so much!! :sparkling_heart:

Also, how do you delete stories???

Unfortunately we cannot do that :sweat:

But here is a thread suggesting this :blush::v::

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