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Hahaha, probably true! And I imagine the two (maybe three) ones that have been featured still had a lower retention rating.

I can only think of 3 spotlight stories off the top of my head - that I know of - that weren’t created for that contest.


I kind of mix first and second person!
And, yaaaaay, one more Spotlight story to read!


I love spotlight/visual novel stories. Good spotlight stories tend to have stronger writing, more compelling characters and conversations, and richer narratives than good cinematic stories that focus more on directing. Not to say that cinematic stories can’t be good, but I tend to favor well written spotlight stories over well written cinematic stories. Plus, there is more room for extensive branching in spotlight.

Some recommendations!

Visual Novel: Duemadiri VN, Quanta VN (unfinished)
New Spotlight: Telvoikai, Maternal Instincts, Borderline, Sherlock in Love (unfinished), H & V: Eclipse (unfinished)
Classic Spotlight: Black Absinthe, The B-Team (unfinished)


I’m doing that and it’s so much work. I’m kind of going crazy. hahaha


Which? The writing in second person?


The turning a Spotlight story into a cinematic version…:broken_heart::sob::joy:


Ohhhh hahahaha Triangle?


Yes, girl… when you narrate and then have to turn words into real scenes and there arent animations for them… you need to get creative. Hahaha


Bahahaha good luck


Needed! :joy::heart_eyes: