Spotlight vs Original format help

Hey Everyone,

I am hoping that someone will be able to help me. I am a new writer; settling in to write my first Episode story.
When I selected to create a new story I selected to use the Spotlight format.
However, I now feel that the spotlight format is not going to work well with my story and wish I had selected to use the spot directing option.
So my question is; am I able to change this? Or is it too late now that I have selected to use the format
Any feedback/help/advice on this would be extremely helpful.
Thank you in advance.


Once you pick a style, you cannot change it. (Although you can use spotlight in original.) You’re going to have to just start a new story script.

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I figured that that may have been the case when I couldn’t see an option to undo the selection. The problem I now have is I had named and created a url for the story. I wouldn’t be able to use that same title for my story now would I?
Sorry if this is a really basic question I am such a noob to this, ha ha.

You can name the story the same thing. You can name all of your future stories the same thing if you really wanted to. The URL that Episode gives you will change though. I don’t know for your URL since I’m not exactly sure what your talking about.

No that’s ok thanks again for your help. Apologies I worded that sentence wrong I was referring to the url that Episode generates for the story, but you explained how a new one gets generated when you create a new story, so that cleared it up for me. Thanks a bunch.

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Glad you got your question answered! Closing thread :v:t2: