Spotting Help! ASAP!

Can someone please help make a spotting template with this background.
There needs to be children with parents in this scene, kids running around and stuff. Single parents too! please help, I need this ASAP!
Credits will be given.

for running maybe you could use spot direction for the kids

Can you please not make the same topic multiple times? You have asked for this three times across two days. It isn’t that difficult to add characters into a scene. I don’t know exactly what this scene is supposed to be, and it’s hard to create someone else’s vision. Some people also have scene template shops which you can use. However, you’ll have to be patient, because everyone who would help you isn’t obligated to help you.

Um ok…I understand the first part but if it isn’t hard to spot the half of the people here wont be on forums. I’m not forcing anyone to do it. I understand maybe I shouldn’t repost the same forum I’m desperate for help. If you dont understand what in trying to say (even though it’s quite clear in the topic that I need characters with kids in the scene) then you ask for more detail if it’s that hard. Apologies if I’ve upset you but I’m desperate for some help and would love to make a good quality story and there are plenty of amazing directors here that would help me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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