Spotting Help I'm losing it

i need help with spotting characters

but i need to specific characters to be in the corner boy and girl i’ll give you a shout out

try and watch Joseph Evans’ video on spotting characters, I’ll link it in a min

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Try this :thought_balloon:

@cut to zone (the zone you want the characters to be in)
@CHAR stands screen center AND CHAR faces (right/left)
@CHAR stands screen right AND CHAR faces (right/left)

  • After this, preview your story and go to

Directing helper :soon: Spot Helper

  • Then you can move your character into the spot you want and you can also scale the character with a toggle button.

  • If you scroll down, down the preview there should be a code that it’s like @CHAR spot (spot code)” and you need to only copy it and paste it in your script.

If it’s too complicated, you can only use the basics spots which are;

@CHAR stands screen center
@CHAR stands screen left
@CHAR stands screen right
@CHAR stands upscreen right
@CHAR stands upscreen left

I think those are all basic spots (at least the ones that I remember)

Hope it helps! :sparkling_heart: :muscle:


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