Spotting in zones

Hey guys!!

So, I’m writing a story where I have zoomed in on 2 seats and now I need a character to sit in one, and when I put @random sit in zone 2 it says that it is not a valid directing command but when I just put @random sit it says its fine.

I’m so confused, any help would be appreciated :blush:

I can help-- can you send a screenshot/picture of your script and the error?

Also I think your problem may be using the word “sit”… It should look like this:

@CHARACTER1 spot # # # in zone 2 AND CHARACTER1 is idle_sit_ankles_crossed
@CHARACTER2 spot # # # in zone 2 AND CHARACTER2 is talk_sit_reassure

But using your numbers for spot placement, your character names, and your sitting animations.

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Aa, thank you!! I’ve detected my problem at long last! :blush: Thanks for the help!!

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