Spread Episode Positivity!

Hey everyone!
With all the drama & craziness going on with the Episode community, I decided it’d be a good time to spread some positivity.
Share some things you love about Episode.
What do you love about the app?
The community?
Tag someone you adore!
Spread positivity!
…specifically about Episode and its community.

** Bullying, harassing, or complaining will have you flagged immediately. **

I’ll start!
@LiyahxWrites, I respect you tons and am so thankful for your contributions to this community.
I also love that people in this community put the effort in to create modest outfits for characters, and are sensitive to religious dresscode restrictions.


I agree to the creation of the different from the norm outfits aka modest outfits etc. To the people that stand for it, to the people that request for it. To the people that act on it.

I appreciate all those authors who are writing stories to spread positivity, change, awareness, goodness in people and the believe to share their culture and experiences with the world so that people may learn. I appreciate to all those who stand and stay true to themselves in times like this in terms of their stories and their lives.

I appreciate new authors who are struggling to get their new stories notice everyday through various means. Their effort to write, their persistence to promote and the never dying spirit of not to give up.

I appreaciate everyone who is supporting and appreciating other people as well.

I love that the app is slowly in its own way making changes, progressing and including the needs, wants and desires of the diverse people on this community.

I love how it gives everyone irregardless of their backgrounds (except for below age 13 and wifi connection) the chance to write stories, to even learn how to code, to interact with everyone on the forums and insta from different backgrounds, the chance to make new friends, to express their views… I think I shall stop cause it will be an essay once I’m done :joy:


Awe :blob_hearts: This has made my day. Thank you for saying that.

What I love about episode is how they allowed me to have a platform to finally get one of my stories out.

The community is the best thing ever. I made so many wonderful friends. Which was a surprise because that was never my intention lol. I used to be so against talking to people online.

I have so many people I adore. I won’t tag them all, but they know who they are. So, if you’re reading this. Thank you for being you :blob_sun:


Where can I start?

I can’t say that Episode changed my life, but it definitely made it better. I love that I’m able to read interactive stories. I always loved writing and reading and Episode gave me that with a little bonus — now I can watch stories too! I love how much stories exist on Episode app. From romance to fantasy, everyone can find something that they like. Every story is so beautiful in it’s own way. I love every character development, all outfits, characters’ looks, the narration… Everything is just so stunning. And covers, splashes and art scenes! Oh my god. They’re so beautiful. Episode made possible to artists and editors to participate in this and they’re doing great job! I have to say that I absolutely adore art from @Atreus, The Hersheys Art Shop, @BlairHartley and many more!

The next thing I love is that Episode introduced me to coding. I never thought coding would interest me until I started writing my first story.

And the last but not least is the community. Everyone here is so kind, sweet, friendly, hilfsbereit how Germans would say (ready to help everyone). I felt welcomed since the moment I joined forums. And here I see so many talented people! The artists I mentioned before, the legend of iur comunity, @Dara.Amarie with her AMAZING templates (I don’t know what I would do without her help), @lanafrazer_episode who is always there (you’re so funny and I love your games), whole roleplay community, @AMagic … You make my day better always better! Forums are so interesting with you on them! Your talents are so appreciated!

There is many more things to mention, but what I wrote is already long. I’m sorry for the length, but I just felt it was good moment to write all of this.:black_heart:


When I first joined this community in September, it was one of the best things I ever did.
I’ve so many amazing people like @AMagic and @lanafrazer_episode and @Apes who are so kind and helpful and many more. I love that Episode is a visual storytelling app where you can express your writing through characters. Episode Interactive is the only app I’ve connected with and haven’t deleted right away. To keep it short, I’m thankful for the app and for the amazing community that comes with it.


you’re welcome!

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