Spread Postivity through Art (Art Contest)

Hi there. Most of you don’t know me, but my name is Violet or Addilyn, I go by either. If you don’t like mushy gushy stuff this contest probably isn’t right for you, lmao Anyway, This contest is to spread the love. So I hope everyone can enter! This is not like a cover art for my book or anything it’s just, again, to spread the love.

1st Place: A shoutout on Instagram, and In my new book! Plus your art will be featured, so make sure to put your signature on it so I can showcase it! (Your art will be featured in my book and on my Instagram)

2nd Place: A shout out on Instagram! And In my Book (Your art will ONLY be featured on my Instagram! Meaning you will just get a shoutout in my book!)

3rd place: You will get featured on my Instagram!

Okay, now here are the deets, for the character. You can make her be doing anything, just make sure to include A LOT of hearts! Hehe!

That is my limelight one, and here is my ink one!

Good luck dolls!

Deadline: November 14th


I might enter if I have time…When’s the deadline?

Shoot, I should probs put that thanks I forgot!

And its November 14th.

May I join?

Of course!

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