Spreading a pool of blood on the floor

How can we possibly make the blood puddle shift and spread them ?
I did the part where it appeared but I don’t know how we can make it to SPREAD on the floor ?

I’m also having troubles with the switching scene.
I used zoom reset and reset hsl at the end of the first scene but it’s being weird.

I’m writing the scene now and thank you for the help in advance.

alright this depends how the overlay looks and how you want it to be placed can I have the overlay and can you explain exactly how you want it maybe we can come up with a way to make it look great

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that’s the overlay I’m using and it’s under the character.
I want to spread the blood wider to have a BETTER look but unfortunately I can’t make it.

alright I get what you mean so do you know how the directing helper works?

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I do know about overlays and how I can make it appear and shift around but I had no clue on how I can spread that’s the only part I’m having trouble with :sweat_smile:
It’ll be better if you can give me a script example of it-
so that I can work on it

I will teach you alright so here we go

this is what you have right now
can you press the switch tool scale button?
this with make sure that you can make the overlay grow and it will give you an code in the (readers helper box)

copy this and put it in you’re script
you are not done yet this will make sure that the blood will grow in 1 second and will make it look really weird to make sure that the blood will grow in a slower pace you can add a number that will make the overlay grow slower

for example the code
@overlay TEST shifts to 51 165 in 5

this code will make sure that is takes 5 seconds until the overlay grows in that size this makes it looks like blood is spreading

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Have the overlay scale to a bigger size slowly to make it appear that it’s spreading.

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OMG thank you that’s what I wanted to know about :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thank you so much

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