Spy story idea?

i want to write an spy or an undercover agent in the future but idk how i feel about that any help would be appreciated !

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that would actually be such a great idea! I would totally love to read that! I think there should be more romance/mystery/action stories on episode! :))

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thank yu babes ! it’s one of the many ideas i would love to do but have no idea how to start it or get ideas out . bc i really wanted to do an bodyguard type of story :woman_facepalming:t4:

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Answering these questions should help you think of some ideas in order to create a description and begin planning your story.

• Who is the bodyguard? Name. Age. Years of Experience. Why did they become a bodyguard?

• Who is the bodyguard protecting? A celebrity? A royal heir?

• When does the story take place? Past? Present? Future?

• When does the bodyguard begin protecting them?
• When does the bodyguard finish protecting them?

• Where does the story take place? City? Beach? Countryside?

• Who is the bodyguard protecting them from and why? Assassins? Rebels? Stalkers? Serial Killers?
• Why is the bodyguard protecting them? Money? Private Hire? Personal Reasons? Company Contract?

• What happens if the bodyguard is unsuccessful? Rebellion? A overthrow?
• What happens if the bodyguard is successful? Money? Peace?

• What does the bodyguard do to protect them? Isolation? Accompany them everywhere?

• What hardships does the bodyguard face? Anonymity? Kidnappings? Isolation?
• How can the bodyguard overcome these hardships? Co-Workers? Technology?

Other Questions
• Is the bodyguard successful? Yes? No? Depends on the reader’s choices?

• What does the future hold? Does the bodyguard continue to be a bodyguard? Is the protected character safe now? Do they stay in contact? Is their story completed, or will there be a second season?


ooo thank yu lovie ! 🥹 tis gone help me a lot !

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