Squad entries with LESS than 100 reads

If your Squad entry still hasn’t reached 100 reads, post it here! I’ll try to check them out :heartbeat:
Please, only if it doesn’t have 100 reads.

My entry has already reached that, but I'll leave it here if someone wants to check it out

Title: Squad: Woodness
Author: Aite (@aite.writes on ig)
A magician, an elf, a werewolf and a ghost meet in a cell. A princess is missing, a witch has vanished. It’s just the beginning.
Try to keep yourself alive.
Genre: Adventure
Style: Limelight
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5282834677956608


Thank you so much :dizzy: :blob_hearts:

Title: Squad: Mafia Descent: Price to Pay
Author: LeeLee.Epy
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6068985977962496

(New) Description: Mending Love.Sincere Trust.Reopen wounds & Legal businesses equal a ticket out for the Morenos & the Del Ciellos, but who’s ever escaped the Mafia…without a price to pay?

Genre: Action :Romance/Drama
Instagram: LeeLee.Epy https://www.instagram.com/leelee.epy/
Contains: Choices, Limited “character” Customization, Music & Sounds, Advanced Directing

Episodes: 3

Title: Squad: We’re here for you always
Genre: Drama
Description: Your family is absolutely cruel to you.
But all that can be fixed with the best friends ever - and… maybe a little more!
Episodes: 5 (at the moment, 6-7 coming out!)


Thanks so much! My entry is getting close to 100, would really appreciate it if it gets a look!
Squad: The Dragons Eight

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My story title : Squad: Zero Chances
Author ; LovelyDay
Episodes: 3
Choices matter, point system
Genre : Adventure
Style : LL
Description : Zero chances to get out… Is it really impossible? How far will you go in order to save those who you love?
Will you succeed or will you succumb? But remember alone you can’t win.

LINK : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4524254520606720

If you want send me screenshots to:


Story Title: Squad: The Gavinville Paranormal Team
Episode App Synopsis: In Gavinville, monsters attempt to plague the city with its enhanced evil, and it is up to four squad heroes Karen, Sharon, Regina, and Max and Kyle to stop them. But will they?
Full Synopsis:
In a town called Gavinville, monsters are known to plague the city with its evil and are up to no good, so it’s up to a squad team of heroes, Karen, Sharon, Regina, and Max and Kyle to stop the monsters from wrecking havoc in the city. But will they stop it in time? CC, Customize your squad, CC Name customization for two squad members,
Genre: Action, Horror, a bit of suspense, Comedy, etc.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5755059564773376

  • Most choices do matter
  • Point System
  • Love Interests for Every Squad Member including Morgana
  • Mini games and tappable mini-games, etc.
  • There are some LGBTQ+ characters in this story, including my character Morgana the witch, a character who is a former bisexual, and more. I will be also adding some more as the story progresses :rainbow_flag:
  • A Photoshoot at the end of chapter 3 for all of your squad members :grin::slightly_smiling_face::framed_picture::camera_flash:


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Squad: The Wingman Chronicles by Alyssa Fallon

Hope you check out mine :smile: