Squad Stories I've Read So Far

Squad entries I’ve read so far, and my views on them, and I am still reading more squad stories, and will post them here.

  1. Squad: Our Last Semester by @Kayla101

Awesome story, Caribbean representation heck yes, directing is good, I love the characters, the intro is very good, I love the drama and comedy, I want to see more action, and more romace, yeet, I can’t wait to see more episodes.


  1. Squad: Never To Late by @Jarec

I adore this story, I love the choices that matter, directing is flawless, I love the characters, the storyline flows perfectly, point system, grammar is on point. Awesome action and drama.


  1. Squad: Blow Out Your Candles by @Meme2017

Omg, this story is GIVING ME CORALINE VIBES!!! I LOVE IT!!! EVERYTHING IS AMAZING. Aww, the ghost is so cute, and the bear is creepy as hell. I love the characters, grammar I good, directing Is good, the storyline is flowing, I love the haunting, and creepy vibes, omg, I can’t stop staring at the bears’ eyes, help me.


  1. Squad: SS StarRider by @CoraMae

I am TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THE SCI-FI ELEMENTS!!! I love the storyline flows perfectly, directing is flawless, I love the mini-games, the characters, grammar is on point, point system with choices that matter, totally amazing! Well done Cora.


  1. Squad: Mafia Descent: Price To Pay by @GoldenWaves

So far, I really enjoyed it, but there are a few grammar errors, layering placements, and speech bubble placements that have to get fixed (after the contest), and the directing is really good. The phone is fabulous!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:



  1. Squad: The Scrapbook by @epi.alyssaaaa

Giving me Spiderwick Chronicles vibe, I love the characters, directing is on point, giving this haunting vibe, I love the choices, speech bubble could be a bit bigger. I really enjoyed it.


  1. Squad: Gringa In Ciales by @yamyblue.episode

I love this story, awesome directing, overlays and backgrounds, Puerto Rican representation, I love the characters, choices, I love the singing and dancing scene! the MC dad is my fav, the geography scene is nice!


  1. Squad: The Split Kingdom by @ihicks01

I love the storyline, flows perfectly, loving the mini-games, the directing is amazing, good choices that have a point system, grammar is on point, I love characters!


I got the bite of the review ig, thank you for it :rofl: :dizzy:

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