Sssoo I have am second on title... **SEND HELP***

So here is the desc: Rose lived her life as an normal teen, until finding out her family belongs to a cult. In a do or die situation, how will she balance the lifestyles?
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Current Title:
-Divine Darkness

I don’t really think it fits… so this is where you come in! hehehehe!I need
ideas sooo… anyone got dem?

It was inspired by “The Sunny Family Cult” and yuuhh… their symbol is a bloody smiley face if that helps…?


How bout these:
•Living in darkness
•Shadow of the moon
•Evil spirits
•Life of misery


Hhhmmm… not too bad!


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Family first

I think Hidden Evil would sound cool

Paint It Red
Don’t Ask
The Other Side
Would I Lie To You

omfl gguurrrrllllll I LOVE THE ISH!!!

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