Stage Background?

Hello everyone!
I really need a game show stage background. Something with a stage, along with the logo of the game show. If you need the logo, just PM me in Instagram (@episode._kay) or in the comments! You can make it from scratch or editing the episode backgrounds. If you are gonna make it from scratch, please add a stage, along with a screen showing the logo. If possible, you may also make this an overlay by erasing / cutting the screen and add black lines to make it look like a screen and I can add more scenes. Like this:
Inside stage overlay:

As you can see, this is similar to a screen, but the screen is a png file and has lines to make it look like a screen.

You may also make the stage color green or yellow-green.

If you are going to make an edit from an episode background, you just have to follow this^^
and edit the INT. PROM STAGE - DAY.

Thanks for the help~~