Stage fright. Help me

I have a terrible stage fright and I need to give a speech in front of the principal of my school.
Does anyone has some tips for me…?


There’s no effective ways to avoid stage fright other than forcing yourself to get on that stage and perform. The first minutes are usually the worst.


Focus on an object directly behind or near the Principle and give your speech to that object. This way, you do not have to give direct eye contact but it still looks like you are. This will also make you more comfortable because your focus and speech will be directed toward the object (which can’t judge you) and will distract you from the Principle (who can.) Good Luck!


Ur fucked…no jk.

What I would recommend is not thinking much. Meaning don’t think about the negatives that will truly make u think negatively and u want to steer clear of that. No self doubt.

Figure out ways to clear ur mind and make urself confident.

(i.e, breathing, listening to music, stuff like that.)

Focus on ur strengths at all times. This will make u think positively. Trust me it helps.

Don’t try to make it perfect. If u do u will just fck up since no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. So if it happens, it’s completely normal.


Imagine the principal as a banana wearing surfer clothes :smiley:


I imagine everybody in their underwear…

is that bad???


In my opinion you should think that no one is around. Only you are there on stage. There is no audience. Believe in yourself and be confident. Thoroughly memorize the speech. Try speaking in front of mirror at home.

I believe that you will definitely give an awesome speech :+1:


Woah guess I too got something similar :sweat_smile:


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Take deep breaths when going on stage or wherever and calm yourself down. If you constantly think “OH NO I’M GONNA DIE HERE THIS IS HOORRIBBLEE MY LIFE IS OVER CAN SOMEONE JUST SHOOT ME NOW OH NO OH NO OH NO HEELLPPP ME SOMEONE HELP ME AAAAHHHHHHHH” you’re just gonna freak yourself out, force yourself to think calming thoughts until you’re calm YOU WILL BE CALM, LISTEN TO ME, DON’T FREAK OUT THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT! And memorise your speech like your life depends on it and pretend that someone is going to mutilate you if you don’t, works for me.

If I need to memorise something my line of thought usually goes like this:

“Just imagine someone is gonna murder you if you don’t do this ×20 times
Omg, what if someone IS gonna murder me if I don’t do this and the fact that that isea got into my head in the first place is because the murderer somehow found a way to plant it in my mind!!! Am I gonna die?? No, I’ll just do this like my life depends on it AND IT IS!!” Then I have no problem focusing and memorising those 50 pages of text for my test for the next day.

Obviously make sure your well practiced first:

Number 1: Breathe. Know everything will be okay.
Number 2: Remember to take your time, go at your pace.
Number 3: Have faith everything will work out okay. Know that if you mess up a line, no one will remember in a few days.
Number 4: Have confidence in yourself. Positive self talk. Say things to yourself such as “You are confident” or “You can do this”
Number: Remember it’s okay to be nervous and afraid.’

If this doesn’t work, you can do what I always did when I was first getting more confident on stage. Create yourself a character. Make yourself the most bad ass, confident, cool headed, not afraid of anything person as you would like, give them a name. Then when you get up on that stage don’t speak as yourself, speak as your character. This helps me so much, whenever I need a confidence boost I just go into my character.

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