Stain Removal mini game

So I’m new to creating mini games, and in my head I thought ‘This will be a breeze’ now I have my overlays down in front of me…my mind has gone completely blank
The mini game has no consequences, so it’s just a bit of fun,
I don’t want to tell the readers what they have to choose in order to get rid of the stain, I just want them to have a play around.
How would I write out the coding in order for it to be a fun game but also, continue on with the story.
If anyone could help me, I’d really appreciate it and I’d also give you credit in my story

Hey! I could try to help, but some more insight is definitely required :smiley:

Are you aiming for a replayable mini game? Eg. reader chooses Cloth > it fails > they get to try different things until it succeeds? Or do they only get X amount of tries?

I see you’ve put “What item are you going to use first” so does the mini game require things to be selected in a certain order?

Feel free to DM me the details and/or the code altogether, if you don’t feel like posting it all publicly :heartpulse:

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