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Part one: Inferno - “Whose bright idea was it to lock all the traitors with the ruler of hell?”

“Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate” That is the only advice you are given before entering hell, to abandon all hope. Hope, the beautiful emotion that innocent humans have felt when thinking of a peaceful afterlife. But now, after a small inconvenience, Lucifer was thrown out of his throne and all the demons are wreaking havoc trying to take his place, there’s no one making sure the souls of those who died stay where they are supposed to stay, and the entrance to Purgatory is unguarded. And for the first time, the inhabitants of hell could feel hope again. Now you have a chance to go to Heaven, will you take it? Will you make it all the way?

You may have died, but the greatest odyssey of your life has just begun.

The RP will start with recently deceased characters who just got out of the limbo, now they’re waiting for Midas to tell them what circle they belong to, but since they have already crossed a circle of hell, they can already feel how it drains all hope from them. After hour of waiting, Minos hasn’t shown up. Why? Because, as a stranger just told them, Lucifer sits on the throne no more, and the once king of Crete wants to sit in a throne again. That’s why he’s on his way to the ninth circle to claim the throne for himself, along with many other creatures. The characters don’t know what circle they belong to, but they know one thing, they don’t have to stay there anymore. And even better, they may as well find a way to get out of hell.

Here are the sign up forms.

And here is the faceclaim presentation.

Something to keep in mind while making your characters:

Here’s how sinners are classified. I changed the descriptions a bit for RP and diversity reasons.

First circle (limbo): virtuous non-believers: I
Second circle: those who let lust take over their lives: I I I
Third circle: gluttons: I I
Fourth circle: hoarders and spenders: I I
Fifth circle: the wrathful, the sullen, and the lazy: I
Sixth circle: heretics, liars and false teachers: I I
Seventh circle: divided in:
a) murderers and those who were violent to others: I
b) suicides: I I
c) blasphemers: I
Eight circle: divided in:
a) panderers and seducers: I I I I
b) flatterers: I
c) those who are guilty of simony: I
d) sorcerers and false prophets: *
e) corrupt politicians: *
f) hypocrites.
g) thieves: I I
h) evil counselors and advisers: I
i) those who divided people and made them fight: I I
j)alchemists, perjurers and counterfeits.
Ninth circle: those treacherous against their: family, country, guests, or lords I I

I: made character
*: reserved spot

I’d like to have at least one character in each circle before the RP starts

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