Standing in zones

Hi, sorry if this post is wrong, I am confused about forums but that’s not my point. If this is wrong help would be appreciated but anyway, I have looked everywhere and I still can’t figure out how to have a character stood in a zone. Basically, my character enters in zone 1 and I want to pan across the zones and I want people to be stood in the zones. I can’t figure that bit our so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Write their position with ‘in zone #’ at the end. For example:

@random stands screen center in zone 2

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Thank you so much!! Would it still work with @random spot 1.280 175 -2 in zone 2 ?

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Yes and no problem :slightly_smiling_face:


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anything else

I’m fine now thanks haha :smile:

Thanks to everyone for the assist. @Clarkie for more info on how to properly use the forums please take a gander at the topics in the Welcome, Start Here! section. Thanks and closing topic.