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The Ship

Welcome aboard the S.S. Evolution! A premier Starfleet ship designed for a variety of missions! You have been chosen as a lucky member to board said ship and must be prepared to face many dangerous obstacles. These will include meteors, hostiles, and carnivorous vegetation. It will take motivation and courage not to run but Starfleet believes in you! We hope you have a great time on the S.S. Evolution and continue to work with Starfleet!

T R A N S M I S S I O N | E N D

Current Situation: Everyone is just getting ready to board/boarding the ship and meeting the other crew members. The captain is rumored to be somewhere on the ship and no one knows who it is, there was never a formal announcement or notice given to them so they are supposedly meeting their captain later though that doesn’t mean they can’t be found earlier…

There also seems to be a strange groaning sound coming from within the ship almost and its easier to hear in some places more than others.

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◤ Standing as still as he could, R’lyeh observed the people going in and out of the ship, wondering what they were doing, and what was going through their heads. They all seemed so absorbed in their thoughts- R’lyeh frowned as he realised that these thoughts were probably not of importance. Crossing his arms, he decided to look somewhere else before his mind began wandering. His eyes landed on the entrance of the ship, and he decided he might as well take a look around the place where he would have to live and share space with his new team.

Walking at a steady pace, he went aboard the ship and headed right to the bridge, wanting to get to know the place before he was forced to take any kind of rushed decision, and of course he would have to take rushed decisions. carefully, he began tracing his fingers through the room, and a small, pleased smile showed up in his face. This was going to be interesting.◢


Approachable at the bridge


.: ??? :.
Somewhere inside the ship…

“So they’re here?”

“Yes, C-”

“Don’t call me that… I never wanted to be called that.”

“Sorry sir. Anyways, yes, they have begun boarding.”

"Well, they’re in for one hell of a ride. Let’s pray they don’t get nosy…

After all. I’d hate to kill anyone on the first day."


~ Razor McSlay /// Emperor Commander ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Can I have pizza tonight?” Razor sticks his hands through the bars, “Or tacos. Is it Tuesday? I can’t tell because, you know, I’m locked up.” Razor looks at the two guards, “ARE YOU TWO EVEN LISTENING?” Razor sighs, and paces in his cell.

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Noelle Munroe ][ Foreign Affairs Officer
She looked up at all the people around her, they all seemed a lot older and more professional than her. This made her a bit insecure as she thought she would be the weakest person out of everyone. She stayed sat where she was on her own.

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Noelle Munroe ][ Foregin Affairs Officer
She decided to get up, and walk around to look around at the ship. She found herself down by the cells, and as soon as she realised where she was, she tried to get back to the place she was before.



~ Razor McSlay ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hey - Hey hey hey you.” Razor flirt - whistles at the girl, “Think you can let me out?”


Noelle Munroe ][ Foreign Affairs Officer
She was about to leave when she heard someone who seemed to be talking to her. She turned around and listened to his question. “Uh- don’t think I can do that.”


~ Razor McSlay ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“What’s the worse that can happen?”


Noelle Munroe ][ Foreign Affairs Officer
“I-” She stopped herself, “No, I can’t do that. Sorry.” She started to leave.


~ Razor McSlay ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Can you at least give me a pen to draw with or crayons?” Razor does the puppy eyes


Noelle Munroe ][ Foreign Affairs Officer
She almost did do what he said - but then she thought maybe he could use these things to try and get out. “Yeah, I’m sorry no.”


…Silas Falkov…

No, you are not overcomplicating everything. You are merely preparing yourself. The thought replays in a never-ending loop as he strolls through the rooms. No one was here except for him. Silas’ eyes settles on a location for a few moments, before drifting to the next, scrutinizing anything in his range of vision. His fingers tap against the walls of the Sickbay room, the same frantic rhythm of his heart. It was difficult for him to break this habit when he was thinking, excited, or nervous, even if he was aware of doing so. This time, he was a mixture of all of them.

Silas had arrived aboard the S.S. Evolution a few hours ago, and although the initial excitement was still present, his thoughts soon flooded him. Already, he had explored the S.S. Evolution, and was now examining it again to be certain that he did not miss anything important. The very place he was standing in now would soon become his home… Silas marvels at the thought. He was here to stay.

Lips pursed in silence, he hears a low groan coming from the ship above the familiar hum. His eyebrows furrows in concern and he closes his eyes. There it was again. Were there already problems aboard? His nose scrunches up as he recalls the mental map of the ship. He wasn’t sure if this was considered an ‘emergency’ yet, but he felt the need to inform someone about the current situation. The Bridge, perhaps? Silas nods in response to his own question. The Bridge it is.

Shuffling through the hallways, he reaches The Bridge and stands at the entrance. His eyes light up when he sees a brown haired man, and walks towards him, his footsteps quiet to not disturb the peacefulness of the ship. “Excuse me?” Silas pauses, his normally soft voice louder. “My name is Silas, and I’m the Counseling Officer. What’s your name and task?” Although he wanted to immediately inquire about the noise, he couldn’t skip over the pleasantries.


@Cam- R’lyeh.


~ Razor McSlay ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Pleasseeeeeeeeeee, I’m just a kid.”

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Noelle Munroe ][ Foreign Affairs Officer
“No I can’t.” She said, looking at the security guard from the other side of the room.


~ Razor McSlay ~ ~ ~ ~

"Hey, wait hold up. I promise I won’t ask again. Pinky promise. " Razor sticks his hands outside the cell bars, “My name is Razor, got a name sweet cheeks?”