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Star Trek : Evolution
Faceclaims [COMING SOON]

Welcome aboard the S.S. Evolution! A premier Starfleet ship designed for a variety of missions! You have been chosen as a lucky member to board said ship and must be prepared to face many dangerous obstacles. These will include meteors, hostiles, and carnivorous vegetation. It will take motivation and courage not to run but Starfleet believes in you! We hope you have a great time on the S.S. Evolution and continue to work with Starfleet!

Transmission End

Bold is for those who have completed their sign up forms

Italicized is for those who have not completed their sign up forms

No effects mean the spot is open

Second Commanding Officer [LHT]
In charge of helping the Commanding Officer in making decisions and making sure the Commanding Officer’s word is law. They are the second highest officer.

Medical Officer [Catarla]
In charge of taking care of the crew’s physical health, the medical officer has a vast knowledge of medicines and diseases.

Counseling Officer [Once Upon A Time]
Unlike the Medical Officer, they are in charge of the crew’s mental health and will help them through troubles and losses.

Flight Control Officer [ OPEN ]
In charge of piloting the ship though they rely on the Navigations officer to help them set coordinates and such.

Navigations Officer [Kittenlove]
The Navigations helps plot coordinates but the Flight Control Officer is who they rely on to actually pilot the ship.

Operations Officer [Darling_episode]
In charge of managing the affairs of the ship and making sure everyone is on task. They may advise the Commanding Officer sometimes. They are the third highest officer.

Engineering Officer [jkdelbian]
In charge of taking care of the ship and making sure it is running smoothly. If any hiccups in the ship occur they will fix it.

Science and Data Officer [Kittenlove]
In charge of collecting and investigating the data found in missions and to help identify unknown entities.

Foreign Affairs Officer [Ellaaaxp]
In charge of speaking with natives of a planet and translating. They have an extensive knowledge of cultures and languages.

Security and Defense Officer [ OPEN ]
In charge of making sure the ship’s defenses are up to date and are running well. They will be the one to fight off any projectiles/hostiles by using the ship’s weapons.

Strategy and Tactics Officer [Cam Boulder]
The Strategy and Tactics Officer is responsible for advising others about things such as battle strategies or rescue mission routes. They are imperative to the mission as they’re knowledge can get the crew out of many troubles.

Ambassador [Chidimma]
The ambassador is here to represent a planet. They have been sent to learn more about Starfleet and the potential benefits it can bring their planet/people if they take more opportunities to work with Starfleet. They are here mainly to observe and report back to their planet’s leaders.

Stowaway [ScarletSwanHunter]
The stowaway can have many reasons to have escaped onto the ship. But whatever they’re running from doesn’t matter as they must hide from being found out and either attempt to blend in with the crew or to hide from them as long as possible.

Prisoner [FallenAngelNight13]
The prisoner is a criminal, the seriousness of the crime depends on you. They are being held prisoner on the ship for now until further orders are heard. Who knows what they’ve done?

I hope you guys like the plot. It will get a lot of interesting as we go on I promise!

Spots are first come, first serve

@Cam @ScarletSwanHunter @Luxinos @Kittenlove @QueenChid @FallenAngelNight13 @Ella @Once @Darling_episode @LHT


Can I just have the foreign affairs officer? not security and defence please?
(note: my username is now just Ella, instead of Ellaaaxp)


I handed mine in right?


Yeah sure ^.^


I’m quite sure you did but I need to double check all the sign up forms later


Reserve for engineering officer!


I think I made two characters? And I’m still interested.



So… how is this going?


im sorry I’m so bad at managing my roleplays

Will provide an update when I check sign ups again (and if necessary, more advertising)


It’s fine, I just wanted to bump it tbh







I’ll also arrange a deadline (you’ll get at least two weeks for sure) and I’ll tag everyone later who needs to sign up as well as asking if they still want to be in this RP

Thanks for staying with me y’all <3



I will be performing a similar update that I did on Queenstrial for this RP and will open up any spots necessary and etc.

I apologize for the delay ;-; Testing has made my life a mess recently so since we only have one week left of it I’ll be able to focus on my RPs!



UPDATED LAST : 4/21/18

Operations Officer - @Darling_episode

As for the Flight Control and Security and Defense Officer, I can always take those up myself and fill them in unless someone wants them. If you want one, just post here which one you want.

Sign ups are due May 5th

No extensions unless I have been given a PM with an adequate reason

Once everything is completed we can begin by May 12th! Whooo!

@LHT @Luxinos @Once @Kittenlove @jdepisode @Ella @Cam @QueenChid @ScarletSwanHunter @FallenAngelNight13


did i sign up?


Yep! You did!



We will be beginning May 5th (hopefully)! So get ready everyone! :smiley:

@LHT @Luxinos @Once @Kittenlove @jdepisode @Ella @Cam @QueenChid @ScarletSwanHunter @FallenAngelNight13




Awesome I cannot wait to start