Star wars: A new generation


Welcome to the dark side, enjoy your stay; it’s going to be a while. Only the weak cloak themselves the light, to hide their weak selves. But only the brave finally embrace what you can’t get rid of… Which side will you choose?


  1. Your character should be preferably alive around the time of A new hope. L
  2. If you haven’t watched star wars, this probably isn’t the rp for you.
  3. FC’s can be of the original characters from the movies
  4. Try and make at least two characters

General rules

  1. Cursing is allowed, but please, please put a little * over one of the letters.
  2. Romance is encouraged, but do not include inappropriate scenes.
  3. No real drama on the roleplay.
  4. Please do not make drastic changes without consulting me first.
  5. No homophobic, or racist characters. I don’t care that this is ‘just a roleplay’ that is offensive.
  7. Add as many characters as you please.




Leia: @livvy613
Obi one:
Anakin Skywalker: @C_ssie
Darth maul: @C_ssie
Yoda: @BrookieK
Luke Skywalker: @BrookieK
Darth Sidous @BrookieK
Chewbacca: @ThatRandomPerson

@BrookieK @livvy613 @C_ssie @ShwarmaK @Owertym


I call Leia and Rey


I call Kylo ren, anakin skywlaker, and darth maul.


Then can I reserve for somebody who has the force? Is there a sign up thing?


I call Yoda!! and Luke!! And Sidious


Wait oml YESHHH I need some new random peep.


I’m making Oasis…


Then I’m making Ashlynn




lol!! Im making me this is my dream!!!


No stop.




Wait oml CAN I HELP WITH THE GRAPHICS and stuff? I’m so boredddd


I’ll have the actual sigh up thing soon.


Can I co-own?


I want too… ive watched every movie like 7 times… can we all


I wanna help thoooo I have nothing to do when u guys aren’t on the RP and my friends are all busy.!!


YESHHHH :smile:


should we spam


I’m a huge fan lol.