Stargazer's Free Backgrounds! (I need suggestions!)

Ok so I’m started to make backgrounds and learning how to make them using Ibis Paint.
This is not a shop because I don’t have a ton of time to make stuff and I’d feel guilty for not posting… and just… no.

But I will take suggestions, and I need suggestions on what to make cuz I have no idea what to make and I want to make stuff!

Here are the backgrounds I have made/edited so far:

So yeah… they’re kinda (cough- very) bad, but these are like the first two I’ve done, and I am slowly getting better so - I need suggestions!

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I think these are lovely (better than what I can do at least)
I would say the first one’s pixels needs to be more consistent. For example your tree compared to the rest of the picture is pretty high resolution, the borders are quite bold and visible (which I would say isn’t what you would what in a more realistic approach). So I guess just try to stay at a consistent resolution and try to avoid having bold borders. (If my explanation even made sense)


Yeah, do you think blurring it slightly would help? I do realize that the tree looks off there lol.

Yea, I guess lol

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