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I used to review stories a lot a while ago and now I kinda miss it.

This is completely free btw! But with that, I do have a few rules.


  • Please keep in mind that I’m just one person so I might not get to your review depending on how busy I am. I don’t really have a specific timeframe but I’ll try to get it back to you ASAP.
  • Please fill out this form: If you don’t wanna do the form that’s fine! Just look at the form and instead of putting your reply there, just put it in the comments here instead.
  • This isn’t required but would help me out if you’d follow me on Insta (writing_for_stars). That way I could post the review and your story there as a way of promotion and the more followers I get the more promotion you get in return. So yeah, not required but I think it would be a good idea.
  • Be nice! Lol. I try to keep my reviews constructive but I can be brutally honest. If that’s not what you’re looking for you should probably keep it moving.
  • I’ll probably review around 1-3 episodes depending on how much I like the story
  • Even though there is a form, let me know you filled out the form/want a review here on this thread so I know to check the form and this thread stays active.

And if you choose that you’d like the review to be posted (either here or on Insta) I’ll always send it to you first so you can check it and stuff and make sure you’re cool with it being shared.

What I’ll Review
You can tell me in the form (or on here if you don’t do forms) what you want in your review, but I’ll try to touch on everything I see. So think spelling, grammar, characters, directing, writing style, how I think you can improve… etc… I also like thinking about/exploring relationships in the story between characters and how well I’m invested in the characters. I’ll probably talk about how invested I am in the story as a reader.

I also want to point out that just because I don’t like your story- doesn’t make it a bad story! This is just my opinion and mine alone, and you can always disagree with me and move on.

Some edits:

  1. Just know that the reviews probably won’t get done for a really long time because I do them in my spare time lol. I’ll try and keep up with the thread tho so it doesn’t close! Keep submitting stuff but just know that reviews take a really long time and I tend to read either the whole story or as many episodes as I can and that takes a lot of time and energy. So yeah, expect to submit the story and then not hear for me for many months :sweat_smile: :folded_hands:. I am working on it tho on my own time.

This next part is about me posting the review on Insta so if you don’t want that- don’t worry about it lol.
2. I’m aiming to put all the stories I’ve reviewed on Insta (at least, if you’ve requested it with the form. If not, don’t worry about it.) But that’s gonna take an even longer time because I have to figure out how to format it. I wanted to make custom art things for each to put each slide on of my review but that takes a lot of time. I might plan on doing what I’ve seen some other reviewers do and post a picture of the story and then just copy-paste the review. I wish I could do it better, but I feel like it’s a better/easier way of doing it. I’m probably gonna end up just condensing the review into something that is more of a shout-out and less critical because, in the end, I’m putting it on my account to help boost traffic to your story. But I won’t lie and I will give the same rating, but let’s say if you did really good in one area I’ll probably talk more about that and who would probably like this story. If I can’t find anything good about it and you still want me to post it, I’m just gonna be honest and say I didn’t like it lol.
2.5… One last thing… (Still about insta lol). If you want me to post it on Insta and you request it on the form after I send you the review I’ll double-check with you to make sure it’s okay. If you don’t say anything or you say no then I just won’t post it. It may seem annoying but I’m just doing it to make sure because on the form you’re not just getting the review beforehand and checking it over to make sure you’re okay with me blasting your story if I gave a negative review. So basically after I send you’ll the review I’ll be like: So is it okay if I post this on Insta?
If I don’t get a “yes” I’ll just assume it’s a no until you tell me it’s okay.


Hi, I filled the form.
Hopefully you can enjoy reading it. :slight_smile:



@HazelJ I’m working on your review rn, is there any way to send it to you before I put it on my Insta just to make sure you’re okay with it?

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Review of: Our Wedding Affair


The overall rating for the story I’d give would be 8/10. I think you nailed it.

The plot is incredible. I love the concept of everyone hating someone during a wedding.

I wasn’t as attached to the characters, but I think they’re good regardless.

I loved the first episode. I think that it could use a little more description. Even tho everyone hates Eleanor at the wedding, it’s still a wedding and I feel that it could be more descriptive to be able to capture that.

I think that the pacing is a bit off. The first episode is fine, but I do think the wedding went a little fast. I would have loved to see more attention to detail. Especially since it’s a wedding and I think it could have been a moment to really get into the mood and emotions of the characters. But aside from that, I think you did great.

I think it’s a little bit unrealistic that they all hate Eleanor. Because at some point they should all concern themselves with their lives and themselves and instead it’s focused on Eleanor.

But I tend to like very descriptive stories so take all this with a grain of salt because it’s kind of just a matter of preference. I can see someone else eating this story a 10/10.

Anyway, great story! Once you approve I’ll post something similar to this on insta, except maybe making it a bit more pretty lol.


I filled out the form :yellow_heart: :sunflower:


I’ve filled out the form, be brutal please lmao




Really excited for yours! I’ve read one of your other stories so I know your style!


Ah, yes! I remember that you read Miss Understood. :yellow_heart: I’ll be looking forward to your review. :sunflower:


Thank you so much for your review :heart_eyes: I really appreciate your help and your thoughts. I will definitely look at the story again and I will try to make it as good as I can, based on comments I get. I totally get your comment on Eleanor and everyone hating her - the story is focused on her and there is a reason why the others focus on her so much. It will all be explained in later chapters. But it is a good point to address it sooner, at least a little bit.

It’s actually kinda funny because I like stories with a lot of description too - I have used that in my earlier published stories and I have been always criticised for that. With this story, I tried a different approach.

Once again, thank you for your review and your comments. You can definitely post it on Instagram :blush: my Instagram account is @mystique_episode


Filled out the form!! Thank you!!

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a bit of an update. I’m still working on reviews, but I’m kinda working on my own stories rn so they’re going slowly. Lol as I said in the initial post sometimes I might be busy/in a funk. I’ll get to them eventually and feel free to keep submitting stuff, it just might take me a while. Usually, I work on this type of stuff when I’m bored or have some downtime.

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Ok back on with reviews!

Review of: There’s No Accounting For Taste

Ok first of all I think your style is really unique. Your stories all seem to be family-friendly and family-oriented which is hard to find on an app like this. It reminds me a lot of Pixar lol. And I do really admire that because so many people make bad cliche stories and don’t focus on their own style. Because I think something can be “cliche” and still be good. On that note, I do think I notice some tropes that you use. Such as the mean girl trope. But I think that you really make it work for the story and it goes along really well with your style. I personally love the mean girl lol.
I also really love the characters. But there are a few things I would suggest to do:
I think that we need to be more connected to the Dad. So I think that you should write more about the Dad in the first few episodes instead of just a scene. I think that maybe you could include memories of him that characters might have or maybe the mom/a relative can be the one to tell lots of stories about him that made the MC really want to meet him. I mean, it does already make sense that she wants to meet him but I think that needs to be pronounced more for the readers to have a connection.
I love the MC! But as a person who also rambles a lot, I think it would be better for her to also ramble in her head. Because idk, often when I ramble there are a lot of thoughts that stay in my head. I also often talk faster because my brain always goes too fast for me to get the words out lol. I think it would be better to have more going on in her head in general.
I think that since this story is family-oriented you could include a more imaginative/childlike aspect. Like maybe when her brothers are talking, there could be a spare scene or two where they’re in their own imaginative world.
Overall I enjoyed the story! I’d probably give it an 8/10.

Oh and I’ll post something similar on insta as soon as you give me the okay to do so

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Thanks for the review!
Those are good suggestions! I’m not going to lie, a lot of people do hate the mean girl trope, but I actually enjoy having a mean girl, as long as she isn’t the typical blonde rich daddy’s girl. That’s why I made Ana Paola a mama’s girl instead, and I gave her more of an edgy, alternative sense of fashion instead of having her wear cute pink outfits. Also, even though the Ponce family is well-off, they aren’t wealthy business owners. The mom is the vice-principal of the school, and the dad is an accountant/financial advisor, so although they have well-paying jobs, they aren’t millionaires.

Oh, yes, good idea to have her ramble in her head more! I’ve actually shown this a little more in later chapters, but maybe I could incorporate it into the beginning as well.
I’m also thinking of including some flashbacks to when Ellie’s dad was still in the picture, to show how close they are. Thanks for the suggestion!
I love family-friendly stories. They leave me with a feel-good sensation that I wanted to recreate in my own story. And I think I could have the brothers talk a little more about imaginary things from time to time.

Yes, you have my permission to post something on Insta. :yellow_heart: :sunflower:

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Yeah I totally agree with the mean girl thing! Tbh, I like when tropes are used as long as they seem to fit the story and they aren’t too cliche. And I could tell you put work into her and thought that it worked well for the story.

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Review of: Inferior

I’m gonna be just completely honest here, when I first read this I thought it was a good story and thought it was okay. I also liked your writing style and thought it worked well for Episode. But now that it’s been a few days, looking back I don’t remember much from the story and it didn’t stand out to me at all really.
I didn’t really like the plot. I’m a picky reader in general, but with this instance, I don’t think I would go back and read. Like I know it was about superheroes and people with powers and even though that is exciting… it just seemed so bland in my mind I guess.
I think the characters were honestly a bit bland as well. I wasn’t really interested in any of them, none of them caught my eye. I was only really interested in your writing style.
Like I wasn’t really interested that Ashton ended up joining that group when that should’ve been a really exciting part of the story.
The directing was also sub-par. It just felt awkward. Like there’d be scenes with characters having responses and you wouldn’t zoom up on them so it felt like we’re seeing them from a distance, making that interaction that would have been interesting boring.
The descriptions were decent but they really needed to have more structure. I saw a lot of sentences without periods and run-ons. Because I thought they made the story more engaging before, but that gets cut down when they themselves are not good/correct.

I’d overall give the story a 5/10.

Anyway, I hope my review was constructive but I also tried to be honest lol. This was also just more a review about how I saw the story, so someone else might see it completely differently. Someone might be interested in the plot while I’m not.

I’ll post something similar to this on insta once you give me the go ahead.

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Thank you so much, I appreciate it. Feel free to post it on insta
I see what you mean about the characters being bland, I was kinda hoping to explore their personalities more later on, but I haven’t really had motivation. However I will I will edit the first 2 chapters and include more zooms when characters are having a conversation.
Thanks again xx

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Hey! I filled the form, THANK YOU :cherry_blossom:

Your keen to details is so impressive! Desperately want to hear your feedback on mine! :heart:

Title: Treasure In You
Author: L.Q. Walter
Instagram: @lqwalter.episode
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Chapters: 10 (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight
Description: After discovering an old diary she believes will lead her to the location of a long lost treasure, she teams with an unlikely ally: a notorious playboy who is nothing but trouble!

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Cool! Just FYI tho I’m a bit busy rn and have a lot of reviews backed up so it might be a while but I’ll for sure get to it in my down time lol.

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