Stargazer's Weirdest Art Shop 🥴

Stargazer’s Weirdest Art Shop

Hello peeps!
Yes, you read the title correctly.

I kind-of draw weird and different drawings. It’s not really in Episode’s style. Well, let’s be honest here, I know how to draw, but I definitely need practice.

I will draw (almost) anything you’d like, to both help me- by having the ability to practice, and you for getting art.

The reason I call this “Stargazer’s Weirdest Art Shop” is because I will give all the drawings my own sort of weird twist to them. All of them will be in my own “weird” art style, and with a funny twist.

This thread is mainly for fun, so- if you don’t want something, or are not interested- that’s fine! I’d love to just have some sort of model you could provide me, it doesn’t have to be a request.


  • No stealing/tracing… ETC, if you use it you give credit to me in some way, which basically means claiming that an ‘artist’ made this and that you did not make this.
  • I’m only accepting PG things, I’m not comfortable with drawing anything else.
  • Also- I’m not gonna be drawing art scenes (because most of them are romantic and I’m just not comfortable drawing that)

I don’t have any at the moment (that are in the style for this thread) but I will be drawing some really quick ones tomorrow


Not interested. But do you have examples?

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I’m on my computer now, and all my examples are on my phone… and it’s basically dead… but I’ll double check my computer.


I think I’ll change it and put some examples up in the morning though. My art style is a little weird, and every time I make it weirder it just gets better, so I thought that this would be a good, really funny way to improve.


Relax we all do weird
Check this out

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