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If you’re looking for an overlay or even something cut out of episode backgrounds, then just ask me😁!
Please give me a description of the Overlay you want and make sure to credit me @Epi.Starlight if you use it.


Can you make a confidential file overlay?
but make sure it art is consistent with the articles in the Background Newspaper Headlines background.
Could you have on that’s closed with the word confidential and another with it open, but there’s nothing in it?

Something like this?


Is this okay



Wait! Forget it all together, sorry! I had a change of plans.




Do you have a burger overlay?


Here you go




Hi :slight_smile: any chance you can make me an overlay? I need a stairs railing overlay from the background:


I’ve got the day version but it doesn’t really fit to the night one.


Like this?


Yes, but can stairs be not visible? I’ll PM you with my email because all pictures posting here are in JPG :slight_smile:


Helloooooo can I have an overlay of the stairs of
INT. DELTA HOUSE FOYER TRASHED - NIGHT please?? I want it to look like she’s walking upstairs. thank you so much!!


Sorry that it took so long. Here is your overlay:


Thank you!!


Can you remove or blur out the word medi-pak on this overlay? Episode gets on my ass about the copyright issues since it’s a company/product lmao, thanks


Do you want me to replace it with something?


Nope, just blank it out



Hey, @Epi.Starlight! Are you still taking requests?