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Of course


Ok so I want a girl (I will give you the details) star[[ed to one of theses 808679100010lg in a straitjacket with a bandanna I would also like another overlay just like this but without the bandanna and she has mascara running down her face. P.S the eyes are very important. I’s sorry if this is a lot but if you think you can do it please get back to me asap so I can send the details of the girl.


Please send me the Details.





Brows:Thick Flat
Hair:Long Curly Hair
Hair Color:Chestnut
Eyes:Upturned Luxe
Eye Color:Red
Lips:Full Round
Lips Color:Rosewood





Clothes:Prison Uniform


Hi, are you open to take an overlays request?





#1 Airplane - Color: White and Blue (or however airplane color looks like)

#2 Airplane Seat - Color(s): (I need about 2 different colors) Anything not too bright will be fine.

#3 Airplane Window(s) - Color: (I want the windows to match exactly like the airplane with only one color)

NOTE: I want a overlay windows where you can move the airplane and seeing different backgrounds (if that makes sense, which I hope)

Thank you!