Starry Night Art Shop💫 [CLOSED]

Welcome to Starry Night Art Shop!:dizzy:

I can make you:
☆covers (edited and drawn)
☆character sheets
☆pfps (drawn and edited)
☆custom poses (only simple)

WARNING: if you request a drawn cover or a pfp I do not guarantee it will look that amazing! I am new artist!

☆no thread hopping (requesting same thing in several other threads)
☆be kind to everyone
☆do not rush me
☆fill out the form correctly
☆i have every right to decline your request if it’s too hard for me to do

Time info
☆1 character (on drawn covers and art scenes) will take 1 day
☆2 characters (on drawn covers and art scenes) will take 2 days
☆3 characters (on drawn covers and art scenes) will take 3 days
☆4 characters (on drawn covers and art scenes) will take 4 days
☆if you want custom pose (on drawn covers and art scenes) it will take a little longer
☆everything except covers and art scenes should take only 1 day
☆I will inform you if your request will take longer

Waiting list:



Small or large?
Drawn or edited?
Character picture in a pose (if you don’t want episode pose send reference or explain):
Background (If you don’t have exact background explain what do you want):
Extra details:


Drawn or edited?
Splash for what (sound, warnings, intro and outro splash):
Character in pose (if you want character on it):
Extra details:

Character Sheets

Character details:
Outfit details (if you want):
Character personallity:
Background (if you have it):


Background of what?
For male or female?
Night or day?
Main colors:
Extra details:


Drawn or edited?
Character picture in a pose:
Extra details:


Overlay of what?
If hand or leg which skin tone or clothing?
Extra details:

Custom poses

Pose of what?
Picture of character/s in animation idle
Extra details:


Extra details:


INK or LL?
Extra details:


Character features:
Personallity of character:
Favourite colors:
Extra details:


How many?
INK or LL?
Male or female?
Extra details:


How many?
INK or LL?
Male or female?
Type (stylish, formal, fancy, casual, party):

Reply if you want some examples!

Happy Requesting!:dizzy:



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I wouldn’t mind a character sheet!
All the details about my character (LL) :
Body: Female soft body, Rose 03
Brows: Arched natural, Chestnut Brown
Hair: Long Straight Loose Solid, Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Deepset Downturned, Deep Blue
Face: Round Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Heart Shaped Pout, Pink Warm Matte

Freckles heavy (00-03)
Lace Forearm Tattoo Solid
Ripped Tight Leggings Denim Blue Oxford
Flat Top Sneakers Flower Patches Black
Vintage Rock Band Strapped Bralet Shirt Cotton Grey White

Name: Lilli

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Thank you!! Can’t wait to see it

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Heyy! I finished your request!
I hope you like it!:two_hearts:


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Hi! sorry I didn’t reply, I’ve been really busy these past few days… i love the card! thank you so much for making it! 10/10 rating :wink:

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Hi could you please make me a cover (not drawn and limelight). I’ll give you credit and here are the details

Im trying to make a cover for my story but it’s not working so I can give you all the information for my two character and the background. If you do it I could give credit. Your insta or forums, whatever you want. All you have to do is put them in the pose and the background, I can add the words.

Character 1: Emma (position: idle_sad_timid_loop)

  • Female Generic Body, Copper 04

  • Arched Natural Eyebrow, Deep Brown

  • Over Shoulder Braid, Chestnut Brown

  • Female Generic Eyes, Hazel

  • Diamond Face

  • Round Button Nose

  • Full Heart Pouty Lips, Pink Warm Matte


Character 2: Olivia (position: primp_neutral)

  • Female Soft Body, Copper 04

  • Arched Natural Eyebrow, Deep Brown

  • Long Feathered Hair, Chestnut Brown

  • Female Generic Eyes, Green Emerald

  • Heart Soft Face

  • Pointed Downturned Nose

  • Full Heart Pouty Lips, Rose Gloss


The background is EXT. MALIBU HOME - DAY and Olivia will be facing left, Emma will also be facing left but she will be looking at Olivia sadly

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ofc! i’ll do it

i’ll be needing outfit tho

The images were the outfits but I’ll send them again if it didn’t work

The outfit with the yellow hoodie is Emma’s / character 1’s outfit and the one with the shorts is Olivia’s / character 2’s outfit

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alright…can u tell me the title and author acually? and is it lgbt story bc i love lgbt stories?

You don’t have to add the title or author (but it’s called Older Sister and the author is Bryxnna Blxsomms), I can add the words.
And it’s not a love story, it’s more of a drama story. But there are characters that are in the LGBTQ community

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Okay! Tysm!


Here are some versions of your request!


With text

With Filter

With filter and text

I hope you like it and please give credit by my forum name!:dizzy::heart:

Bumpppp :man_dancing:

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I love it! Thank you! I will give you credit, don’t worry

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I need the splash for my story

The story uses sound pls turn up your volume
Choices matter
Any font that you like
And pls put stickers like ear puds below are the background thank you very much for your help


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