Starry Night Art Shop💫 [CLOSED]


Do when will it be ready

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this is the background pls

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It will also be written thanks for reading follow me on Instagram @mandyqueen for more sneaks and peaks happy reading
This story has mature scenes thank u very much

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so there are 3 splashes? 2 with the same background?

Very smart that’s exactly what I want thanks

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Heyy…i have to resize backgrounds so it will fit in one zone. I hope that’s okay.

Yh perfectly ok

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And do you need only mature themes warning or you need strong language warning too?


Sound Splash

Thanks for reading splash

Warning Splash

I hope you like it and please give my credit by my forums name!:heart::dizzy:

I love it so much I will credit u now thanks

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Hi, can you do custom poses?

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I can.

Hello, i would like to request an overlay. I’d like the closed spell book like the one thats in the props section on episode but as an overlay. If you understand what i’m talking about and can do that it would be great, thanks.

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Hi do you mind making me a cover?

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Do you have custom poses examples?

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No, just fill out the form please.:heart:


It’s in examples.:heart:

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I hope this is okay! Please give me credit by my forums name!:heart::dizzy: